Velener: we know how things work.

Velener Textiles or simply, Velener – has been around for 80 years or more. A super team of around 100 really excellent employees, modern machinery with state of the art weaving and spinning technology and plenty of inventive talent.What can you expect when working together with us? That instead of contenting ourselves with tried and tested favourites, we always strive to have one idea that makes us that much better. That we listen precisely to what you say when you describe your requirements – and develop solid solutions for these.  And that you can take our word for it. In short: we do everything to inspire you with our enthusiasm.

Because compared to international standards, we may not be amongst the price leaders – but we are certainly amongst the leaders of quality.

This is what we work towards

We at Velener consider ourselves to be a genuine family business, not only with regard to our corporate structure: team spirit, reliability and honesty are absolute priorities for us – especially when working in cooperation with you, our customers. Because innovation and development only exist where people are open, constructive and able to work together at eye-level.
Like any other company, we want to safeguard the future of our enterprise. As part of our team we ensure that you have a secure job, that we appreciate what you do and you receive a decent compensation. And because this only works if we are able to hold up against our competitors, our path is really straightforward: quality leadership in goods, production processes and service.

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Managing Director and Sales Manager Grey Fabrics
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