WETURNED®. PES-woven fabric made in Velen from recycled plastic bottles. Textile raw material instead of pollutant in the ocean.

Every year, 21 billion plastic bottles are sold in Germany alone … after a single use, they become unwanted waste. Via the international waste trade, they end up in South-East Asia and in turn, in our oceans.

We at Velener produce WETURNED®-woven fabric from recovered plastic bottles as recycled PET-fiber yarn in our weaving mill. Suited for every demand, specification and nearly every area of application: Our specialists create a custom-built blend optimal for your intended use and monitor consistent quality through samples and series of tests. Share your vision: We produce the WETURNED®-fabric that is right for you.

Re-use, reduce, recycle: Following the guiding principle of sustainability, when using WETURNED®-material, you are reusing what already exists – instead of straining our planet by consuming fossil reserves. This has a measurable impact – compared to the production of new plastic, recycling PET can decrease net CO2-emmissions by 50% or more.

By using WETURNED®, you are helping to relieve the oceans. Our raw material is won from PET-bottles in a highly contaminated coastal stretch. The certified process of our Asian partner collects PET-bottles, cleans them and processes them into a granulate. Within the last years, more than 18 billion empty bottles have been transformed into our raw material – 100% recycled PE-fibres.

Today more than ever, measurable sustainability is important to your customers – and to us at Velener. If you want to get sustainable, clean and mindful textile products off the ground, do reach out to us. We are happy to support you with our know-how.